Falling in Love with Food Justice

Falling in Love with Food Justice

The last four years since moving from California to Connecticut have completely changed me, mostly for the better. During the years, I stepped into the role of being a wife, a relocated Military spouse and a fur mom. I’ve experienced a lot of changes, mostly in my mental health, but also professionally and in the way I see the future for our family.

Activism has always been a passion for me, and recently I’ve really been able to find my place in that world. It started digitally with limited information on my part and eventually grew to attending marches and using my voice and body to help be a part of the ever growing change around me. I’ve educated myself through Podcasts, books, blogs and various conversations. But none of this prepared me for the world of Food Justice, which is where I’ve ultimately decided to build my foundation.

Me working at our local Food Pantry

In the years of living in CT, Troy and I realized that the best life for us would eventually be one off the grid. We want to convert a School Bus into a Tiny Home and that dream grew into planning to homestead and wanting to create our own farm. A few months ago, I was hired to work as a Community Organizer for a Nonprofit that creates Community Urban Gardens and helps provide food to members of New London CT. I’ve never been a Community Organizer, nor had I ever worked for a Nonprofit. The reason I applied was because their work really resonated with me and I felt like their Mission and Vision were incredibly aligned with my own:


Since 2004, FRESH New London looks to build momentum for food system change through community based agriculture and youth empowerment. We are a community farm and educational hub dedicated to building a healthy and just food system. We use food to connect the community, encourage stewardship, inspire leaders and incite change.

FRESH New London
Mercer Garden via FRESH New London


Together we can build and sustain a healthy and just food system; we will exercise our collective power to establish community food security in Connecticut, and take part in the global movement for food justice.

FRESH New London

I’ve never considered working in the Food Justice field, but everyday that I do, I’m reminded that Food Justice is Social Justice. Everyone has the right to have access to nutritious and culturally appropriate foods. It shouldn’t depend on our financial status or race.

This is a topic I’m new to and I would like to keep writing about my journey into this world, especially once Troy and I purchase land for our own farm. But please know that I will make mistakes in things I say as I continue to learn about this form of activism and incorporate it into my personal and professional life.

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